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In 1915, in a small village of Rioja, in the north of Spain, Gregorio had the idea of creating a shoe which he named after his first love, his wife Victoria.
From that moment on we have always believed that in order to make love last, you must look after it. For this reason, inside our boxes you will not only find shoes, but the love for a well done job and the effort of a whole team to keep victoria´s philosophy alive and to get many people wearing our name on their feet giving rise to their own love stories.

In the 50s, Gregorio and Victoria decided to use the newly invented method of vulcanizing to produce a few canvas shoes out of 100 % cotton and natural rubber. This was how the most iconic model of Victoria was born, the “Inglesa”.
During the 70´s and the 80´s, the Inglesa became the symbol of a whole generation, increasing their sales in 400 %. It got so big that people born during those years still associate Victoria to the summers of their childhood.

"Our values allow us to keep the essence of Victoria alive. For more than one century, we have mana-ged to combine tradition, innovation and design.
Our quality standards are so high thanks to the handcrafted manufacture in Spain. Our strong com-mitment with innovation and design let us develop a collection that reaches 300 different models per season
Choosing your favorite is a challenge!"