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“California’s original surf and lifestyle brand since 1980. Maui and Sons embraces the surf culture and heritage of Hawaii and mixes it with the loud, neon and retro vibe of the 80’s through classic artwork and graphics for a modern twist on California style.“

In 1980, three young surfers from Southern California were trying to decide what to do with the rest of their lives. They decided to start a cookie company named Maui’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, but their little business venture didn’t last long. When they burnt their first batch of cookies, they turned their attention to designing fashions for surfing and active sports. Maui and Sons became an instant hit!

And the cookie? It became an inspiration for the Maui and Sons logo. Inside, you will see elements representing the earth, sea, sky and fire. It’s a celebration of the power of nature and a tribute to the amazing creativity in everything from Maui and Sons.