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ASPORTUGUESAS is a new footwear concept which doesn’t leave the planet´s sustainability barefoot. We are proud to be the world’s first CORK Flip Flops brand, using a 100% natural raw material that is born from a tree and is retrieved every nine years, without the tree ever being cut.
Cork is a raw material which is so perfect that no industrial or technological processes have yet been able to replicate.

Wearing ASPORTUGUESAS is a step towards a more sustainable future.
For us, the preservation of the environment is as important as the creation of good footwear. From the choice of materials, to the way we produce and communicate our footwear, we do everything to make our brand more sustainable.

Our Flip Flops are made from a unique blend of Cork & Natural Rubber. They are very resistant and surprisingly light. Cork is an ideal insulator with a low conductivity to heat, sound and vibration. In addition, cork does not absorb dust, making it very hypoallergenic and easy to clean, preventing skin irritations when in contact with the soles.