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ASFVLT is a French label based in Paris, it began with the dream of disrupting the status quo of lifestyle footwear, drawing inspiration from LUXURY and STREET subculture.
We stand for authenticity, style innovation and high-quality craftsmanship.

Based on their superior knowledge of the brands and market, especially in streetwear, the DNA of ASFVLT was naturally found :
# Street and tech inspired, luxury codes, but fashion above all, shaped for everyday use,
# Comfortable and lightweight,
# Quality material and construction

On a technical level, we use high-end material such as phylon to create an extra lightweight and comfortable outsole.
All our sneakers are handmade and come with a removable insole, offer a large range of materials, finishes, and details.

Your are distributor and you are interested in the Brand : contact à dunesfrance.fr