займ на карту


We are the Legends of badminton. True dat! As you all know, Kawasaki Footwear was initially created for the badminton courts. The iconic suede reinforcement on the toe would protect players from breaking out of their shoe tips when pounding towards the net. It then went on to be the preferred shoe for roofers in the early 80’s (roofer: a person who constructs and/or repairs roofs), since the grippy non-slip sole was ideal to keep worker’s feet thoroughly planted on the inclining roof tops. So when the bridge of the 2019 Kawasaki summerhit goes; ‘from court floors to roof tops’ it was no coinci-dence. Remember the song? Later in the 80’s it went on to become a legendary indoor soccer shoe and soon fashion fanatics all over Europe claimed it as their’s. Yes, it did start with passionate players needing a quality badminton shoe, but since then Kawasaki-afi-cionados keep reinventing the purpose of this mag-nificent shoe! And so the chouros of the Kawasaki hit song goes: ‘on and on, on and on, on and on, it’s never ending.’ And we find that to be accurate. The pursuit of finding new purposes for the Kawasaki shoes is in fact never ending. Wonder where we are heading next!